Multimedia design and digital solutions for corporate and institutional communication

Marco Scuderi’s professional studio is in charge of designing multimedia content and coordinating audiovisual, graphic, web, interactive production teams, designing and producing animated videos.
We are experts in multimedia and digital languages, exploiting technological and creative innovations to always design something new, effective and memorable.

1. Motion Graphic & 3D Design

We design and develop videos and animated content in 2D and 3D to narrate projects, systems, present ideas, services and products.

2. Web & App Design

We exploit the possibilities offered by technology to create interactive experiences, websites, applications, augmented and virtual reality experiences.

3. Brand & Graphic Design

We take care of visual brand identity, create graphic content, logos, posters, banners, editorial layouts.

4. Video & Aerial

We create impactful, emotional and/or informative videos aimed at engaging the audience and building trust in the brand.

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