4. Video and Aerial

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Video is the most attention-grabbing content on the web and social networks.

The important thing is to define which video or series of videos best portrays your product, service or project: together we find the strategy, we take care of the production;

I nostri servizi

We always keep up to date both technically and communicatively to always propose the best video solution to engage your audience.

We assist you in the creation of corporate videos or vlogs, in video editing as well as in the realisation of aerial footage with ACNOR certified operators, in the creation of animated videos, of tutorials or in the video coverage of an event: one only has to ask oneself ‘which video is best suited to my needs’?

Videos designed to promote a company, a product or service, an idea, a portal. The video is conceived together with the client in every detail, structured with the aim of engaging the target audience and directing them towards a call-to-action;

Video montages made from proprietary or stock clips and aimed at creating engaging and impactful stories.

Videos designed and optimised to show how a process, a platform works. Video guides broken down into steps and designed to simplify understanding.

Aerial shots made by ENAC-certified operators with state-of-the-art, insured drones.

Video coverage for events: from single cameramen to camera crews and photographers. Realisation of interviews and setting up of environments to accommodate interviewees. Realisation of video montages for event publicity.

How I Work

Our video supply work ranges from defining suitable formats, through production, to post-production
and archiving on our cloud-based services.

1. Format

Together with the customer, we find the right video formats for his communication needs. And if you can't find a suitable format? We invent it!

2. Video Production

We take care of producing the video by organising the work team according to production needs. We prepare the script, choose the locations and shoot.

3. Video Editing

We take care of the editing of the requested video ourselves in consultation with the client. We take care of colour correction, animation and colour correction.

4. Secure Cloud Storage

Once the video is finished, we store the clips made within our cloud services in order to be able to reuse them in the future.