University of Parma - Erase Project

Design of animated videos and graphic content for the University of Parma and the ERASE Project


The objectives of the animated video commissioned by the University are as follows
1. To produce a simple and intuitive infographic video promoting the Erase project by illustrating its function in weakening Staphylococcus Aureus and its resistant strains.
2. Tell in a concise and informative manner what Staphylococcus Aureus is. what the function
of antibiotics is, what “MRSA” is, how it feeds and how its proliferation can be interrupted.

Il Progetto

For the project in question, an analysis of similar videos made on the subject, the definition of message and communication target and the production of a concept were carried out. Once these points were defined, an outline, a script, a storyboard were created and the work was planned in order to realise everything within the planned timeframe.


The storyboard is the fundamental tool for transforming texts and concepts into images; in animated videos, it is the link between the phase in which the content of the video is reasoned (consisting of briefings, outlines, scripts) and the phase in which the actual video is produced. Here the storyboard realised for the Eraseproject of the University of Parma