2. Web & App Design


Digital technologies always offer new possibilities for communication, data organisation and information.
Interactivity is, and will increasingly be, at the heart of communication, allowing us to invent new systems with which to make users interact, engage, excite and intrigue them.

I take care of designing these multimedia and interactive systems, finding together the most interesting and appropriate solutions for the goals we want to achieve.


The studio works together with the client to design applications and websites that are up-to-date, responsive and in line with the image of the business.

From creating web portals, both static and dynamic, to designing apps and web apps for specific functionalities.

From designing interactive maps to creating augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Designing the user experience within the interactive system. Graphic production of interfaces.

Design and development of web portals, both static and dynamic

Design of apps for Apple Store and Android App Store. Design of web applications for browsers.

Design of applications for interactive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Design of user usable maps and data visualisation systems via web browser.

How I Work

My work in the creation of applications and web portals ranges from the identification of communication needs, the identification of references, the design, both in terms of user experience and interface, and then the realisation of the system, through to its maintenance.

1. Brief

We understand with the customer what kind of site/application to realise: what functionalities should it have? What will its purpose be? How will it be structured? What budget do we have?

2. UX Design

We look at examples together with the customer in order to identify the style we should go for, design 2,3 layouts graphically, discuss them with the customer and choose the one to implement.

3. Realizzazione

We then move on to the technical realisation of the system: we provide our own hosting service, create the pages, optimise the site in every aspect, optimise the pages for SEO.

4. Revisione e Test

We then review the completed application/portal with the customer, apply any interventions and test it. Finally, we create small video-tutorials to assist the customer in using the site.